Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brotherly Love

My boys fight like crazy.  Especially Brett and Kaden.  I know they love eachother, but man, they get on eachother’s nerves!   They are always fighting!  ALWAYS!  They hit, bite, scratch, wrestle and do whatever they can to irritate the heck out of eachother.  But, occasionally, I catch them in a rare moment when they are getting along and playing so nice with eachother. 

Yesterday, they all 3 decided they needed to wear their snowboots around the house.  They looked so stinking cute that we had to take pictures.  When I asked them to stand together, so we could get a picture, this is what they did……

Kaden, Brett, Cooper


Cooper, Kaden and Brett


Kaden and Brett





Brett, Kaden and Cooper


Brett, Kaden and Cooper


This girl does not like to smile for pictures, so I have to be very sneaky!  She looks so cute in this one! 


I love when they do stuff like this.  It’s awesome to watch their relationship with eachother grow from just being siblings that live in the same house to friends!  It should be fun to watch them grow up together and see the bond that they have with each other grow even stronger!