Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanking God a little more today…..

I thank God everday for my babies, my four little miracles that went against all the odds and made it, survived!  My kiddos are miracles, and I know how lucky I am to have all four of them with me today, and I especially know how lucky I am to have four HEALTHY, TYPICALLY DEVELOPING kids.  Being born at just 23 weeks and 5 days my kids had almost a 100% chance of having SERIOUS medical problems.  For someone reason unknown to me, they don’t have any of those problems.  God Is Awesome and has done some seriously amazing things for my beautiful miracle babies.  Not only did they have an almost 100% chance of having those major medical problems, but they had a slim chance of surviving at all.  Normally the “rule” is that if babies are born before 24 weeks, doctors generally don’t even try to save them.  We were fortunate enough to have doctors and nurses that did everything humanly possible to save our babies. 

I spend a lot of time browsing the internet and reading blogs of other people that have quads.  Reading other people’s stories about life with quads helps me to keep going and reminds me that I am  not alone in my daily adventures with quads!   Tonight when I was reading one of these blogs, I stumbled on a blog about a family that had triplets born  at just 23 weeks and 6 days, just one day more than my babies!  Unfortunately, this family lost all three of their babies, two lived just six days and one lived for 89 days.  Reading their story reminded me again how lucky I am to have all four of my kids.  Our God is An Awesome God and He does amazing things.  I said a prayer for this family, because I cannot imagine the pain that they must have felt, and still do feel after losing their children.  I also said a prayer of thanksgiving.  I don’t know why God decided to take those people’s children to Heaven so early and leave my children with me, but I am eternally grateful that He did!  So, hug your kids a little tighter tonight and say an extra prayer thanking God that you have them!  I know I will be hugging mine a little closer!  Tomorrow, when the trials of life come my way and I find myself feeling frustrated with the things my kids do, maybe I will feel a little less frustrated when I remember the triplets I read about tonight! 

So yes, I am thanking God a little extra tonight for what He has given me, four living, breathing miracles!  Mommy loves you, Brett, Kaden, Parker and Cooper!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are those triplets?

We don’t take the kids out in public very often mostly just because it’s alot of work! Now that they are getting older and I’m not so worried about germs, we have been trying to take them out more often. They love to be out and around people and I have to admit I like taking them out and showing them off. I am so proud of our babies and it is fun to take them out! Everyone in our community has been really supportive of our family too, so it is good to take them out so people that have been praying for us can actually meet them.

As you can imagine, we tend to attract alot of attention wherever we go. I for one, had never before seen quads until I had my babies, so it is pretty amazing to actually see living, breathing quadruplets. The reactions we get from people are really pretty funny. Some people just stare, some point, some look the other way (are we THAT funny looking????) some people come up and talk to us like they are our best friend. Some people try to tell me how to parent my children, which really drives me crazy! I don’t tell you how to take care of your singleton, don’t tell me how to take care of my quads! Some people feel the need to touch my kids or ask if they can hold one of them. Uh, no, you can’t hold my kids, I don’t know you!

The best is the questions and comments that we get. Some of them are just downright silly! Here are some examples of a few.

-Are those all yours???????

-Are they ALL the same age?

-Do you have a daycare? (sometimes I feel like I do, they just never go away!)

-You have three boys and a girl? (Duh! That’s why three of them are dressed the same!)

-How do you do it?

-I’m glad it’s you and not me! (me too, if that’s how you feel!)

-I bet you are exhausted! (We sure are!)

-Oh that poor little girl with three brothers! (Yeah right, she will be just fine, trust me!)

-Are you gonna have any more? (this is sometimes asked with a horrified look on their face. My answer? Maybe!)

-Did you have help getting pregnant? (Yes, by my husband! Seriously though, do I ask if YOU went through fertility treatments to have your kids? I don’t mind answering that question when it’s my friends asking, but a stranger? Come on!)

And my personal favorites?

-Are those triplets? or Are those two sets of twins? (Um, yeah, they’re triplets and Parker just so happened to be born at the same time! Or, yes, they are two sets of twins, I just had them all at the same time! silly people!)

It’s all in good fun, and I actually do enjoy all the questions and comments, well ok, I enjoy MOST of them! I love my kids and am very proud of who they are and what they are! I love taking them out and introducing them to the world! The questions can keep coming our way and I will gladly answer them!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cassie and Chad’s Wedding

Congratulations to my cousin Cassie and her new husband Chad!  They got married on Saturday evening and it was wonderful!  I was honored to be her matron of honor.  The kids did great the whole weekend even though I wasn’t around much.  They spent Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa Woollen’s house.  I left the house early in the morning and didn’t see the kids again unitl the reception that evening.  It was a long day for me since that is the most time I have ever spent away from them since they came home.  I don’t think they missed me much since they love playing at the farm!  

The kids did great at the reception and had a great time dancing the night away!  We didn’t leave the reception until 12:30, and they all did great!  Kaden and Cooper fell asleep shorly before we left.  We were lucky enough to have a house in Campbell to stay in so we didn’t have to make the long drive home with four tired, crabby babies in the middle of the night.  The kids love going to new places so they saw the house as just another adventure.  It was after 1am before they all went to sleep, but fortunately they all slept great.  I was so thankful that they slept good, cuz I was exhausted!  
Me and Cassie
Cassie, Chad,  Ayden and Isaak
Cruising in the limo after the wedding
The garter toss!
Isaak dancing with his mom!
The girls singing “Any Man of Mine”
The Wedding Party
Parker was getting tired so she decided to hide her face in Uncle Dan’s lap!

Kaden is sound asleep on Uncle Dan and my nephew Trevor!  Cooper is                  sleeping too!  Tired kids and ready to go home!


                                 The boys, Isaak and Ayden!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to our new blog! I'm new at this, so be patient with me as I figure things out! Hopefully this will be easier than the carepage was so I can update this more often! I plan on using this as my journal to share with the kiddos someday, so if I occasionally post things that don't necessarily interest you, I apologize!
We have been busy, busy, busy lately! The kids LOVE playing outside, so we are really enjoying this nice weather! On the downside, they are really struggling with allergies this year. It doesn't seem to matter what we do or where we play, they bother them no matter what! Kaden seems to be having the toughest time and is coughing and wheezing a lot. We are keeping up on the Zyrtec and breathing treatments so hopefully we can stay away from making yet another trip to the doctor.
We set up a playhouse for the kids in our backyard, and they love playing in it! Our swing set got lots of use last summer, but this year they aren't into swinging near as much. They like to get in the swings, but don't really like for the swings to move! Last year we couldn't get them out of the swings!
I picked some random pictures to post, so enjoy! They aren't really in any certain order, but at least you can see some recent pictures.
We love our Daddy! -Parker, Kaden and Cooper. That's Brett in the background, he didn't want to play our game!

Parker likes to put her hands in her pockets, whether she actually has pockets in her pants or not! If she doesn't have pockets, she pretends!

They did this all on their own! I gave them a dish of m&m's (our favorite thing) so I could get the dishes done! Too cute!

We love those Wiggles! I have no idea what they were looking at behind the couch!
Cooper, Parker, Kaden and Brett

One of the kids favorite activities is painting. Aunt Ardie gave us some paints for the kids birthday so we have been creating some pretty awesome masterpieces lately! This is Brett trying to paint the camera!

Not only do they create masterpieces on paper, but my whole kitchen ends up rather colorful. this is Parker and Kaden painting the dishwasher. They also paint the doors, the cupboards, the fridge, the floor and of course, eachother!

Kaden and Cooper working on their masterpieces!

Kaden working hard!

Brett hard at work!

Oh no! Parker got messy!