Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to our new blog! I'm new at this, so be patient with me as I figure things out! Hopefully this will be easier than the carepage was so I can update this more often! I plan on using this as my journal to share with the kiddos someday, so if I occasionally post things that don't necessarily interest you, I apologize!
We have been busy, busy, busy lately! The kids LOVE playing outside, so we are really enjoying this nice weather! On the downside, they are really struggling with allergies this year. It doesn't seem to matter what we do or where we play, they bother them no matter what! Kaden seems to be having the toughest time and is coughing and wheezing a lot. We are keeping up on the Zyrtec and breathing treatments so hopefully we can stay away from making yet another trip to the doctor.
We set up a playhouse for the kids in our backyard, and they love playing in it! Our swing set got lots of use last summer, but this year they aren't into swinging near as much. They like to get in the swings, but don't really like for the swings to move! Last year we couldn't get them out of the swings!
I picked some random pictures to post, so enjoy! They aren't really in any certain order, but at least you can see some recent pictures.
We love our Daddy! -Parker, Kaden and Cooper. That's Brett in the background, he didn't want to play our game!

Parker likes to put her hands in her pockets, whether she actually has pockets in her pants or not! If she doesn't have pockets, she pretends!

They did this all on their own! I gave them a dish of m&m's (our favorite thing) so I could get the dishes done! Too cute!

We love those Wiggles! I have no idea what they were looking at behind the couch!
Cooper, Parker, Kaden and Brett

One of the kids favorite activities is painting. Aunt Ardie gave us some paints for the kids birthday so we have been creating some pretty awesome masterpieces lately! This is Brett trying to paint the camera!

Not only do they create masterpieces on paper, but my whole kitchen ends up rather colorful. this is Parker and Kaden painting the dishwasher. They also paint the doors, the cupboards, the fridge, the floor and of course, eachother!

Kaden and Cooper working on their masterpieces!

Kaden working hard!

Brett hard at work!

Oh no! Parker got messy!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new blog, I love it. I love blogs especially if you have family all over the place! The kids look so cute! I can't believe they are so big already, it was just yesterday they were all just coming home, wasn't it?
Keep up the good work, I love to see all the updates!