Monday, May 17, 2010

Random things…..

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to spend time at my parents house.  The kids love it, cuz it’s Nana and Papa’s, and their house has new, fun toys to play with that they don’t have at home.  Mom and Dad have a huge family room that the kids can run and play in, so it’s perfect for them! 

The kids have been sick the last week with colds so they haven’t been sleeping the best.  Lee and I took advantage of being at Nana and Papa’s and wore the kids out the best we could, then put them down for a nap.  Lee and I had each only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before, so we put the kids down then took a nap too!  I usually don’t nap while the kids do, but when you are running on 3 hours of sleep, a nap becomes a must!   They looked so stinkin’ cute while they were sleeping that I couldn’t help but take pictures.  The living room looked like a daycare at nap time when we had them all laid down.






Super Cooper


Super Cooper


Big Brett


Big Brett


Princess Parker


Princess Parker

The kids got a jump-o-lene for Christmas.  We got it out yesterday for the first time in a long time and the kids had a blast!  They played in it all day! 


Cooper, Parker, Brett and Kaden in the back


Cooper, Brett and Kaden


Parker thought it would be fun to put as many palls in her shirt as she could!


Has anybody seen Cooper?

We painted again today!  They love it so much and it gives me the motivation to scrub my kitchen floor!  Daddy showed them that if they hit the blob of paint on the paper with their hand it will splatter ALL over the place and makes some pretty cool designs.  Who needs a paint brush when you have your hands, right?  Then they realized if they put their hand on their tummy, head, or wherever, it makes their hand print!  Neat, right?!


I’m pretty sure there was more paint on them and the floor then there was on the papers! 

Cooper, Kaden, Brett and Parker


Let’s paint each other!





Kaden putting handprints on the cupboard and his head


Parker didn’t get into painting as much as she normally does.  I guess she was having an extra “princessy” day and didn’t want to get too dirty.  Her painting was mostly just globs of paint…..until the boys got a hold of it and helped her out a little!


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Four babies 4 us said...

Darling pictures!! You are one brave woman to actually give four toddlers paint!
Love it!