Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Summer = Bad Blogger

Oh, my goodness!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have blogged, but we have been so busy lately!  The kids love to go, go, go, so that’s what we have been doing!  We don’t stay home very often on Lee’s days off, and when we are home on his days to work, we spend our time outside swimming or at the park feeding the ducks and playing. 

I hardly even know where to begin about what we have been doing lately.  We have of course spent alot of time in Kearney at Nana and Papa’s house, and at the farm with Grandma and Grandpa.  The kids have four favorite people right now, (besides Lee and I) and they are all of their grandparents. Any time they are “talking” on one of their play phones and I ask them who they are talking to, the answer is always either Nana and Papa or Grandma or Grandpa.  Whenever I ask them what they want to do for the day, the answer is always Nana and Papa or Grandma and Grandpa.  If my phone rings, it’s always Nana.  Apparently Nana is the only one that calls me! 

We have gone out to Aunt Grace’s house a couple times too.  Grace is a wonderful person that has become a big part of our lives in the last couple years.  She volunteered a lot of her time when the kids first came home and has continued to be a huge help to me.  She comes over every Monday evening so that I can have a couple hours to clean or do laundry.  The kids love her and I always say I’m pretty sure I could leave the house while she is here and they would never even notice!  Aunt Grace lives on a farm, has a big yard with lots of room to play, lots of flowers to pick, and a cute doggy to pet.  She also has a big house with lots of fun stuff to do including a big piano to play. 

Now for some pictures! 

Fun at Aunt Grace’s house!

Fourth of July Fun

Fun on the Farm

Random Stuff

Playin’ in the Mud!

I hope you are all having as great of a summer as we are!

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Beth said...

Good to see your crew having such a good summer! I was wondering how you guys were doing. Love the pics-- your kids are adorable!