Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter Eggs yesterday.  I didn't know how many to buy for them to color since I didn't know how many they would want to do, so I got 1 dozen for each of them.  I should have gotten more since everybody but Kaden wanted to do more.  They had a great time, and so did Lee and I! 
They all had a good lesson on patience, since Lee and I each did one egg with one kid at a time.  I wasn't up for cleaning up huge messes, so they just had to sit and watch when it wasn't their turn.  They did really good about waiting.  I was really proud of how good they did with the whole thing! 
Waiting for Mommy to bring out the eggs! 
Cooper, Parker, Kaden and Brett

Parker working hard on her egg.  She didn't like to put the whole thing in the dye. She just wanted to dip it.

Cooper waiting for his egg to be done.

Brett drying off one of his many yellow eggs.  (Yellow is his favorite color)

Kaden is very proud of his egg!

Kaden kept tearing the plastic that we had put on the table.  Good thing I put two layers on "just in case"

Parker dipping yet another pink egg!  The only color she really wanted to do was pink.  Such a girl!

Brett being silly

Cooper working hard on scooping out his egg

Brett was pretty proud of all his yellow eggs!

Cooper and all his awesome eggs!

This girl never smiles for pictures, but this time she had a smile ready for me before I even asked her to say cheese!

Kaden looks a little scary in this picture, but he was actually saying cheese!

Brett adding stickers to his eggs

I love the look of deep concentration on Kaden's face!  He always has his tongue sticking out when he is working on something!

Cooper putting stickers on his eggs

Parker working hard on trying to get the stickers to stay

This was probably my most favorite part of the whole afternoon!  Kaden worked in silence until each and every egg had a sticker right on top.  Once each egg had one, he was done.  So cute!!!!

We took the kids to the Easter Egg hunt at the mall this morning.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me ( I know, bad mommy!) My mom and sister did, so hopefully someday I can get pictures from them.  The kids had fun filling their buckets with all the candy that was laying on the floor!  They enjoyed the whole thing until we saw the Easter Bunny!  They didn't want anything to do with him!  We headed the other direction and everything was all good again.  Now all they can talk about is how the Easter Bunny was scary.  Poor kids! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



Jen said...

You are one BRAVE momma! My hero! ;O)

Taryn said...

Just saw your comment on Beth's blog about painting toe nails and the boys wanting theirs done too. Thought you might like the idea of what I did with my son when I was painting the girls' nails. I got some glow-in-the-dark polish that went on clear. I painted his toe nails with it once or twice but then I started doin designs on the tops of his feet and he liked that even better. It was great. It could only be seen at night time in the dark and he felt included. Maybe soemthing like that can work for you too, but you might have to wait for Halloween to be able to find it. LOL