Friday, September 9, 2011

The Park

This summer was hot and humid.  Last year we never had a day over 100, but this summer was much hotter and way more humid!  Last year we went for a walk almost every morning and went to the park all the time.  This year we walked a few times in June and played at the park a few times too, but after that it just got to hot and humid.  My kids are just like me, they love to be outside but only if the heat isn't unbearable or if it is, if they have a way to stay cool.  So we have spent most of our summer swimming, playing in the sprinkler and playing on the slip n slide.  We were outside everyday, but we always had water to play in to keep us cool! 
This last week has been awesome!  It hasn't gotten warmer than 75 to 80 and we have been taking advantage of it.  Every day since Sunday we have played at a different play area in town (parks and school playgrounds).  The kids and I have been loving it! 
Yesterday the kids asked to go to the park again, and wanted to have a picnic in the park.  So we got some McDonald's Happy Meals and hit the park.  We are usually so busy playing, that I don't even think to snap a picture very often, so I unfortunately don't have many pictures of our adventures. 

Kaden, Parker, Cooper and Brett
I love that they all wanted to sit on the same side of the table together!

Cooper, Parker, Brett and Kaden
They don't like to ride on the merry go round, but they love to push it. 
We are missing our "big kid" friends and cousins that came to play with us a lot over the summer, but we sure are happy to have this cooler weather! If only it could stay this way and we could have a short, warm winter!  I have lots of other pictures to share from our other recent adventures, so hopefully I can find time soon to post them!  

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The McCleary Quads said...

Yeah its been pretty warm here in Kansas city also. We were taking them to the park, before it got all hot and before our fave park got flooded. We haven't gotten to take them back yet since June, because of the it was under water all summer and still has some water. We'll have to wait till the smell is gone and its all cleaned up again which won't be till next year probably. Lately the weather has been really great and we've been taking them on walks and they also have started going to a new church where there's like 10 other 2yr olds in the room.