Thursday, October 11, 2012

School and New Braces!

So much has happened in the last few weeks, I hardly even know where to begin.  School is going great for the kids!  Kaden had a hard time the first few weeks and would cry every time I dropped him off.  Well, for the last couple of weeks he has done great and hasn't cried at all!  Woo Hoo!  I made a deal with him a few weeks ago that I would walk him to the room instead of to the door of the school if he would promise not to cry.  It worked, and he doesn't cry anymore but I am still walking him to the room every day!  All well, whatever it takes to make my babies happy! 

So far, the kids have been sick with colds and croup twice and the stomach flu once.  Two months in to school and three illnesses?  Oh my.  If I was forced to pick an illness, I would take the colds over the stomach flu any day!  Colds might last longer, but the flu is horrible!  It started with Brett on a Tuesday and thankfully only lasted about 4 hours.  Then I woke up Thursday not feeling well.  I had Lee take the kids to school and then had to have my SIL pick the kids up. I even asked Lee to come home early from work because I was so sick.  Every time I stood up I felt like I was going to pass out.  Cooking lunch for the kid that day involved opening a can of soup, microwaving it and dumping it into bowls.  While I was waiting for it to warm up, I had to lay down on the kitchen floor for fear of passing out.  Scary!  I finally felt better by Friday evening.  Then Parker was up all night Saturday night and was fine by Sunday morning.  Then Cooper and Kaden got sick on Sunday afternoon, stayed home from school on Monday and were good by Monday evening.  It was a rough week with very little sleep for me.  I'm happy it's over!

We took Kaden to Omaha for a check up with his pediatric orthopedic doctor.  She feels like he is making improvements with his range of mobility in his ankles!  YAY!   He has completely outgrown his old braces so I took him last week to get casted for new ones.  He still occasionally complains about his knees hurting, especially at school so I am excited for him to get his new braces next week.  If I ever get the pictures of our trip to Omaha and Kaden's appointments off my camera I will post more details about it then! 

One of my favorite Aunts, my Aunt Debbie is not doing well.  She has been battling cancer.  She has put up a good fight, but the cancer has won this fight and her days are numbered.  Pray for her, my friends.  She is ready to go Home to be with Jesus.  Pray that she is able to go Home in peace and pain free.  Her pain has been unbearable for the last several weeks, and she only deserves to be comfortable in her last days. 

My kids are such a blessing and always know how to make me feel better.  I was explaining to them tonight that Nana had to leave lunch early today to go visit Aunt Debbie.  I told them how she is very sick, has cancer and gets to go live with Jesus in Heaven very soon and she won't be sick anymore.  They all know that I am sad, but are quick to remind me that when she gets to Heaven she will feel all better and won't have anymore owies. 

Matthew 12:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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