Monday, August 20, 2012



Wow, I really can’t believe that my kids started preschool on Thursday!  It’s hard to believe that my little 1.5 lb. babies are 4 1/2 years old and in school!  Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that I was holding my babies on my chest and watching their sweet little faces as they slept?  When it comes to kids, the days can be long but the years will fly by!  That is so true, and something I try to remind myself of constantly! 

The first day of school was  a little rough for all of us.  Brett and Cooper were feeling pretty good about school and Parker was thrilled with the idea of being able to play with GIRLS every day!  Kaden was not so very excited about school.  All of my kids are painfully shy and definitely have some social anxiety.  They have never been super comfortable around large groups of people, even if it’s family, and they are very uncomfortable in new situations.  Kaden and Parker struggle with social anxiety the most so it’s no surprise the first couple days of school have been the hardest for them.

The first day of school Lee’s awesome boss let him go in to work a little late so he could help me get the kids to school.  Brett, Parker and Cooper did great getting ready for school, while Kaden cried the whole time. We had to fight him into the van, fight him out of the van, fight him into the school….everything was a battle.  He was latched on to me and not about to let go.  Brett and Coop jumped right in and washed their hands and stood in line to go to breakfast.  At that point, Parker was starting to get nervous and Kaden still wouldn’t let go of me.  We got down to the lunchroom and I told Lee it was time for us to go.  I handed a screaming Kaden to his teacher, Miss Betty and went to say good-bye to the other three.  Brett and Cooper were nervous, but being brave and holding back the tears.  When I leaned down to hug Parker, she started crying and didn’t want to let go.  I had to push her off of me and give her to a teacher she didn’t know, which I’m sure made her feel even worse.  I told her I loved her and walked out the door.  Absolutely the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I made it outside the school before the tears started flowing!  Lee took me home, gave me instructions to go inside, have a breakdown, and then find something to do to keep myself busy for the next three hours. About 15 minutes later, Lee texted me and said the school had called his phone to let us know that they were fine and no longer crying!  Thank God!  I knew they would be fine since Betty is a good friend of mine and the kids love her, but it was nice to get that call so I could carry on with my day!  I forgot how much I can get done when I am alone in my house!


Me and my baby girl!  She looks so grown up with her new haircut!



Me and Brett!  Can you tell how excited he was?



Cooper didn’t want to smile but at least we got his picture!



“Daddy, take my picture again so I can say pickles this time!”-Brett



“Daddy, take my picture again too!” –Cooper



While we were taking pictures Kaden disappeared.  We found him in the back entry hiding from the camera.  Lee did his best to get a decent picture of him. 



I know they all enjoyed their first day of school.  Brett was excited that he got to eat breakfast AND a snack while he was there (the boy loves to eat!).  Cooper didn’t really have much to say except that he had fun, there was only one other boy in class to play with (not really sure how I feel about that), and that he didn’t want to eat breakfast.  Kaden said he didn’t want to eat there, didn’t really like it, and definitely did not ever want to go back!  He did tell me that Miss Betty is the best teacher in the whole world though.  Parker loved that there was tons of girls to play with and said she played with a girl on the swings but couldn’t remember her name.  She wouldn’t tell me if she was excited to go back or not, but I know she liked it! 

My kids have been home with me for the last 4 years.  The only other people they have had take care of them is my parents and Lee’s wonderful sister Stacie a few times.  This is a big change for all of us!  We will all get used to it and preschool will be a good thing for everyone! 


More to come later about their second day of school…..right now though, I need to get to bed!  This whole getting up early for school is hard work! 


Katie said...

My kids are painfully shy around groups too. Maybe thats a multiples thing?

Glad you all survived your first day of preschool!!

Beth said...

You did it!
You and the kids have all survived the transition to preschool! My little ones start in two weeks. Depending on the day, I am excited and terrified. My kids are usually pretty outgoing, so I think that they'll be fine, but I can't imagine the moment when I have to walk away and leave them. Can't imagine...
Overall, I think that this is going to be really good for all of us. We, I mean 'I', just have to get through the initial adjustment.

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Your boys are handsome princes and your daughter is a beautiful princess. I am so happy they enjoyed their first day of pre-school.
I was born with a rare life threateniing disease, developmental delays and 14 medical conditions.