Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Circus

I was just looking through all the pictures I have recently uploaded to my computer and realized how much has happened in the last few weeks that I haven’t shared on here or on facebook.  Hopefully I can get caught up and take some time to blog about some of the stuff that we have been up to lately!  It feels like we go, go, go in the summer time, and blogging tends to take a back seat to all of the other stuff we do.
A few weeks ago I heard that the circus was going to be in Kearney.  I saw it advertised on tv and realized it was the next day.  It never fails that Lee has to work on the days that stuff like that is going on, so I started thinking of who I could call to go with us.  My mom had just had surgery for a detached retina, so her and my dad who always go to stuff like that with us, were out of the question.  I called several people, but since it was pretty short notice, everyone was busy.  I decided I was going to take the kids by myself.  I’m perfectly capable of taking my kids places by myself, it’s just easier to have a second set of hands. 
My mother in-law came to my rescue, called back and said that she could go with us.  Well, thank goodness she did since the kids freaked out before we even got inside the building!  We walked up to the door where 3 or 4 clowns were standing to take tickets.  Oh my goodness!  The kids completely freaked out!  I was holding two of them and Sue had two of them.  I’m not even really sure how I managed to get money out of my pocket since they had death grips on me.  Poor Cooper was squeezing my neck so hard I could hardly breath.  I don’t even want to think about how hard it would have been to get them inside by myself!  Thank God for Grandma Sue!
After we got inside, we found seats and they were still pretty nervous about the clowns.  Grandma came to the rescue and bought them all flashing butterfly lights.  I think Sue and I were both seeing spots by the time the circus was over, but it was totally worth it since they cheered up and started enjoying themselves after that. 
Parker showing me her butterfly.
Silly Kaden and his butterfly
Brett mesmerized by the flashing lights
Kaden enjoying the show
Cooper and Brett
Cooper, Brett, Parker, Grandma, and Kaden
Such a big girl!
I don’t normally take pictures of the animals at the circus, but the kids wanted to show daddy what they saw.  This elephant was the best part of the show!  She danced and it was just plain awesome!  The kids kept saying, “It’s so big!  That elephant so big!”  They don’t remember seeing the elephants at the zoo last year and even though we look at pictures of elephants all the time, they didn’t realize just how big they are.
We had a great time at the circus!  Thank you so much, Grandma, for going with us!  Having you there made the clowns seem a little less scary and definitely made all those trips to the bathroom a lot easier! 

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Taryn said...

I'm glad they had fun once they got in. The last time we took our kids to the circus we asked them what they liked the best after it was over. Addison said her favorite part was standing in line with me to buy drinks. Guess they weren't too impressed by the performances. LOL