Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A sweet story….

I am the first person to admit that I am a bit of a klutz.  I can seriously trip over air.  Yesterday I had one of my klutzy moments, and all of my sweet little people came to my rescue. 
It started when I sent Lee to Subway to get us some supper.  We had been outside swimming and Brett decided he wanted to go with Lee.  Since he was in just his underwear (yes, they swim in their underwear in the backyard) he ran inside, found some random clothes, and got dressed as fast as he could.  Lee had already left at this point, and the look on Brett’s face when I told him daddy was already gone broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. 
He took off running for the back door with only one flip flop on yelling “Daddy! Daddy!  Wait for me!”.  Since Brett is just as much of a klutz as I am, I was afraid he would fall down the steps so I took off to catch him.  I saved him from falling, but in the process I snagged my toe on the door frame and thought I ripped my toenail off.
Brett’s tears immediately stopped when he realized I was hurt and he became very concerned about me.  I made it outside and sat on the steps trying not to cry (hey, it hurt really bad) and trying really hard not to say any bad words.  By this time, all four of my kids were crowded around me asking if I was ok.  I told them I was, but Parker kept saying, “You show Daddy you owie, Mommy?”  I assured her that we would show it to daddy as soon as he got back. 
I’ve always thought that my kids have some strange ESP thing with eachother.  Occasionally they will all look at each other and with out saying a word, they walk off together to do something like they just had a conversation about what they were going to do.  Well, they had another one of these moments where it was like they looked at each other and decided ok, Brett, you stay with Mommy and make sure she is ok.  The rest of us will get on our jungle gym and watch for Daddy to come home.  Brett stayed my my side and rubbed my back, patted my shoulder, and asked me repeatedly if I was ok.  The other three stood on their jungle gym and yelled, “Daddy!  Daddy?  Where are you? Mommy have owie!!!”  If anyone would have heard them, they probably would have thought I was seriously hurt!
They were so sweet to take such good care of me!  I love that they are so nurturing and always went to take care of me if I’m sick, tired or hurt.  Once again, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have these four beautiful little people in my life! 
Look at these sweet little faces!  Ignore the large pile of laundry on the dining room table, please! It’s never ending! 


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Beth said...

So sweet. Both that they took such good care of you and that they believe so strongly in Lee's ability to make it all better.
You must be so proud of the caring little people you are raising!

And yeah, the laundry NEVER goes away!!