Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful Daddy ever!  You are such a good daddy to our four little people.  I can’t imagine traveling down this crazy road with anyone else but you.   I am so lucky to have you as my husband, my best friend and the father to my children.  Even though you will be at work, I hope you still have a fabulous day.  I love you and so do your babies!
Just a few of the reasons why we love our daddy so much…….
You give us horsy rides.
You snuggle with us and watch silly cartoons with us.
You show us how to use the slip n slide.  We know this was a big sacrifice for you.  Winking smile
You help us learn how to slide on the slip n slide.
You keep us warm.
You give all of us rides at the same time so we don’t have to wait.
You keep watch over us so we don’t fall into the water while feeding the fish.
You laugh at us when we do naughty things like put butter in our hair.
You tell us how beautiful we are.
You give us lots of hugs.
You show us how to have a good time at a party.
You go down the big slide with us so we won’t be scared.
We love you so much Daddy and hope that you have a great Father’s Day!

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Beth said...

Happy Father's Day to Lee!

Aren't quad-Dads the best? Watching your husband be a good Daddy really makes you love him even more!