Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All Dirty!

It has been raining like crazy here that last few days!  Every day the kids wake up, look out the living room window and give me a weather report.  If it's not raining, they immediately want to go outside.  The other day it wasn't raining, but everything was a wet sloppy mess.  I decided we could go out after lunch time, but they would have to wear their snow boots.  I didn't want to have to worry about washing tennis shoes, and snow boots can be sprayed off pretty easily, so snow boots it was!  They had a great time playing, and found that side walk chalk makes great paint when it's wet!  The colors are much more vibrant and it's really fun to rub it all over the ground, your self, mommy and cousin Grace. 
Cooper rockin the snow boots and shorts look

Brett wiping the water out of the wagon.  You gotta love Parker in the background with her hands on her hips!

Parker watching Grace draw a turtle

Kaden- Stylin' as always!

This is Parker's new thing to do when I tell her to smile so I can take her picture.  She closes her eyes and says, "You can't see me Mommy!"  Stinker!  Notice how she is holding her hands....she smeared purple chalk all over them and then didn't want to touch anything with them.

Cooper hanging out

She can totally pull off the snow boots with her shorts look!

Brett and Kaden decorating Grace with chalk.  Despite the look on her face, she was enjoying every minute of it!

Kaden showing me his messy hands and his purple lipstick!

Kaden doing the dishes

I wouldn't let them play in the sand because it was soooo wet. but Cooper went around the yard scooping up the little piles that were laying all over.

Brett painting his face

Cooper trying to give Brett and Kaden a ride

Their beautiful artwork!
They like to get dirty, and since kids and clothes wash, I figure why not let them get that way?  They had a great time, burned off some excess energy and I got some great pictures! 

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