Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lotion Heads

A few months ago when we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house, my boys decided to put butter in their hair.  After several washes with Dawn dish soap, we finally got it all out.  Well, a couple days ago while I was doing dishes I realized that it had gotten extremely quiet in the living room. 
Silence is not a good thing in my house!
When I walked in the hallway, I found Brett and Cooper happily smearing lotion all over their hands, arms and heads.  I couldn't be mad since I was the one who had failed to put the lotion away, so like a good mommy, I grabbed the camera!  I figure if I can't laugh about stuff like this, my life will be alot less enjoyable.  I have to say that lotion is MUCH easier to get out of hair than butter is!

You can't tell they enjoyed themselves, can you?

I had to give them baths in the sink since Lee was sleeping and Heaven forbid I give one of them a bath in the tub and not the others.  They had just had a bath the night before, so I just wasn't up for another group bath!  Brett was absolutely thrilled with the idea of taking a bath in the sink, and even managed to spray me with water a couple of times.  Good times, people, good times!

This is Cooper's "I'm trying not to smile because I think I did something naughty" face.  Love it!

Once I assured him that even though it isn't the best idea to put lotion in his hair, he wasn't in trouble, he flashed one of his awesome grins. 

Note to self:  Always be sure to put the lotion away or my curious little boys will find a good use for it! 

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Beth said...

I love how pleased they are with themselves!! My Drew loves lotions, creams, ointments... I have discovered that they wash off the body and out of the hair well, but they are terrible on furniture! They look so big sitting in the kitchen sink!!

Good job getting the pictures. If we don't laugh, we'll cry!

Taryn said...

Abigail once used cream style corn to do her hair during dinner. I must say, though, that it held everything straight out when it dried. LOL