Monday, May 16, 2011

Pretty flowers

Call me crazy....but one of my favorite things about this time of year is dandelions!  See?  I'm crazy, right?  Actually, I know of lots of mommies that can say one of their favorite flowers is the dandelion.  My kids are very much into picking me these pretty little yellow flowers....all the time.  No matter where we are.  The other day we stopped at a garage sale right by this house that had tons of dandelions.  My kids were in heaven!  I'm sure the people that lived their were hoping we would never leave.   My kids eached picked about 20 "flowers" for me before we left. 
My kids melt my heart everyday with the sweet little gestures they do for me and for eachother.  Lately, they melt my heart with dandelions.  Cooper especially loves to pick them for me.  The cutest thing is that he works so hard to put them in to the perfect little bouquet.   AND he gives me one of his killer smiles, flashes his dimples and gives me a hug after he hands me the flowers.  I love that kid. 
Coop hard at work making me a beautiful bouquet.

That is some serious concentration!

Coop in the background still picking me flowers.  Brett found one too! 

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? 
The flower picking definitely picked up a notch after the kids saw my reaction to the flowers daddy brought home for me a couple weeks ago.  Funny....I didn't take any pictures of those flowers. 

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Beth said...

So cute!! A kid proudly thrusting a fist full of dandelions at me absolutely melts my heart! Aren't you kids sweet picking flowers for Mommy.